Possible Solutions to Tangram Chinese Puzzles

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Possible Tangram Chinese Puzzle Solutions

002hexagonsoliconThese are just a few possible solutions to the tangram puzzles. When I was creating these tangrams, I would print each design, cut out the pieces out then carry them everywhere I went. Anytime I had a few idle moments I'd spend the time arranging and rearranging these tans to find solutions. I took my tangram images into hospital and dental waiting rooms, to the office in break rooms and restaurants.

It sure was a sure-fire conversation starter. People would often just watch as I'd try many different angles, occasionally someone would suggest a move, or declare that the design looked like an animal or bird, etc. I have not solved all tangrams listed in this section because there are so many possibilities and I believe half the fun of these puzzles is discovering a shape or design for yourself. Enjoy.

There are many possible solutions to tangram puzzles. Experiment with the tans, rearrange, flip and flop the pieces to see how many different solutions and figures you can create.

Suggested and Potential Solutions