Hangar Mobile Gingerbread Houses and Cookies

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mobile1200Cookie Mobiles for Hanging Decorations

Roll out the gingerbread cookie dough to about 1/4 inch thickness then cut out desired shapes. Create a hole for hanging by poking a hole in the soft dough using a plastic straw. Lay the shapes out on waxed paper and allow to dry at room temp for four days. Turn the cookies over at least twice a day to dry evenly and to prevent the edges from curling.

For faster drying, bake for two hours in a warm oven.

Wrap ribbon on the wire or plastic to create a pretty hanger for the mobile.

Make Non-Edible Cookie Mobiles 

When the shapes are dry, thread yarn or a ribbon through the hole and tie onto the hanger.

if you prefer colorful pieces, have the kids decorate the shapes with acrylic paints. Allow the paint to dry inbetween colors and before hanging.

Remember, you can't eat these cookie decorations!

Materials needed:

  • cookie dough
  • waxed paper
  • cookie cutters (or cut shapes by hand)
  • plastic straw
  • colorful ribbon or yarn
  • wire or plastic hanger