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oval shaped gingerbread house base1200Gingerbread House Base Patterns

Print these patterns on regular, white 8 1/2" x 11" (or larger) paper. Cut out the shapes and place on top of rolled out gingerbread dough to use as a pattern. Cut out each base piece abd be sure to remove the paper and discard.

Bake the slabs per your gingerbread recipe. Allow the cookie pieces to cool and become very stiff or crispy otherwise you'll end up with an interesting looking saggy gingerbread house.

"Glue" the pieces together with Royal Icing. Recipes for royal icing are everywhere on the Internet. Decorate with Whipped Cream Frosting and chocolates, candies and other sweet treats to create the ultimate carb-bom possible for any winter holiday family gathering. Maybe the real purpose of the gingerbread house decorating with all the candy was to get rid of all the hard candy people give out to the trick or treat visitors at Halloween. Re-purpose that Halloween candy and make a haunted gingerbread house.

Where to Start Decorating

There are a lot of sweet treats available for decorating your own unique style of gingerbread house or cookie. Using mixtures of candy sizes and shapes will make your design more interesting and eye appealing.

Wall Paper Gingerbread Backgroundsbasic a framehousepatterndecorated

Check out the Gingerbread theme paper gift wrap site to print background images suitable to use as bases or back drops if your Ginger bread house is displayed with scenic backgrounds or back drops.

If you can find old record album covers these work very well as bases for the houses. The LP album covers are small enough for children to carry the houses to school is they don't have too far to walk yet are large enough to build and support a small child-sized house. We lived across the street to the school which made the trip pretty darned easy.

Thick Styrofoam at least 1 inch can also also provide a good, solid lightweight base. Plus office file box lids and copy paper box lids make great bases also easy to carry.