Color Book Printable Patterns for Decorating Cookies and Houses

Printable paper pattern shapes for making gingerbread houses and cookies.

Make and decorate oversized gingerbread cookies for any season, occasion, event or holiday with these shapes. Roll out the cookie dough as usual. Print these pages and then lay each sheet over the dough. Use a toothpick or clean, sharp object to lightly trace the pattern into the dough. Remove the paper and carefully cut out the design with a knife. Save excess dough to roll out again for more cookies until there is no more dough.

Decorating Tricks, Tips, Uses & Ideas

Gingerbread Ornament Cookie Coloring for Young Children

3 Fold Tree

Candy Cane

Christmas Tree

Hearts in Hearts


Fat Fish

Shamrock 3-Leaf Clover

Jagged Tooth Pumpkin

Leaping Frog

Pendant or Flag

Daggar Cross

Latin Cross

Palm Cross

Maltese Cross